Welcome to my blog. Here I document my life such as writing stories, talking about my life, sharing my goals, sharing my adventures,my travels, showing you my style, and more. Hope you enjoy. Have a nice look! Stay positive and stay you! 

This Is Me !

This Is Me !


Wow This Is my first post ever on this blog. Welcome !!!!

My name is Shakira Marie B***** 

I think it's too soon for full government names, So Shakira Marie is all you get..... For Now. But anyway I'm an 18 year old impulsive, adventurous, passionate young woman striving for greatness and patiently waiting for graduation day. I'm taking all opportunities necessary to reach my dreams and accomplish my goals/ aspirations. I write, dance, act, model and do computer tech stuff. I also do photography and make/edit videos; mostly Videos for YouTube and journalism projects. I've been so creative my whole life; writing just comes naturally so why not start a blog. :) 

I've tried so many times to start a blog, but they never quite worked out. Now I'm a senior in high school trying again. I know your probably thinking "A senior in high school; how do they have time for a blog; They must be extremely busy" and your right I am busy. I got scholarships to apply for, school work to do, essays to write, a couple projects to finish, finals in two weeks and the most important thing to do "Live my life".  I live in Chicago, so this time a year there isn't much to do since it's 10 degrees or lower every other day. It snows constantly and when it's not snowing it's raining and when that's all done the -3 degree weather freezes whatever's on the ground, so now the streets of Chicago become a free ice skating rink. CPS AKA the Chicago public school district is too broke too cancel school even if we do all break our necks trying to make it there. 

As stated above I am a senior which means college applications galore. I've applied to 10 schools. Good schools. Schools that everybody across the world is trying to get into. NYU. UCLA, etc. And I applied for the performing arts majors. Such as theater for film and creative writing.... Those are very competitive courses. The applications weren't easy. You have a million questions, portfolios to make and auditions to tape. I had to write 4 creative stories in a week for UCLA. I had a whole month for my creative arts portfolio for NYU and i'm still currently in the process of recording my audition for AMDA. The performing arts / Fine arts is no joke. It's super competitive and requires a lot of hard work, but i'm up for it. It's what i love to do and eventually i will post a blog post about how i got into the arts... Explaining everything.

But for now I'm signing off. And leaving you with my favorite QOTD: "Success isn't an elevator it's a long staircase".... 

XOXO, Shakira

Love you guys !