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Leathadh Grá this Holiday Season ! ❄️🎄☃️🥳

Leathadh Grá this Holiday Season ! ❄️🎄☃️🥳

HAPPY HOLIDAY’S YOU JOLLY HUMANS……… It’s tuesday the 18th which means Christmas is exactly one week awayyyyy.

For those of you who don’t know what Leathadh Gra means, It means “Spreading Love” in irish; during the holiday season that’s what i’m spreading around….. LOVE! And if your one of my passionate readers then you know I’ve got some irish running through my veins (hence the irish themed title) And if your not then welcome to my blog, 👋🏻 subscribe down below and read my other posts to see what i’m all about.

But anyway I know things can get tough this time of year. Your either stressed about christmas and all the presents you have to buy and wrap, or all the food you have to cook. People you have to host. Family members that you don’t like but you have to see anyway. Also People can become depressed this time of year thinking about the family they don’t have to spend the holidays with or the presents they don’t have to open. So I’m here to get you out the slumps and motivate you. Bringing you some words of wisdom to get you excited about 2019. Lets make sure next year is better than this year was. So without further ado……. read on to get inspired

 Number 1 : 🔥


- This is my favorite one. The one I live by the most. You shouldn’t be doing anything less than whatever makes you happy. If it makes you happy then go for it. Never let go of those things that bring you happiness. Life is too short to be doing boring things that bring us no joy. If you hate your office job and it’s so dreadful then find something you love; Figure out how to make it work and then quit that pesky job!!! TRUST ME you’ll feel better. You’ll be scared at first but as time goes by you’ll see that it was for the best. If you’ve got some toxic friends, draining your energy and bringing you down, then cut them off too. You got some family members that mistreat you then call them out on it, if they don’t stop then cut them too. You don’t need that type of negativity in yo life.

Number Two : 🌸

“I am the only one who can determine my self-worth and I am worthy of my dreams.”

- Believing in yourself is just the first step to success. Don’t ever listen to anyone that tells you that you can’t do something. 9 times out of 10 they are afraid you’ll do it better than them or they just want to see you fail. If someone tells you your dream is to big; Then dream bigger !

Number Three : 🌈

“My thoughts are kind to me because I deserve peace.”! 🥰

- The first stop on the Self Love train is knowing that your capable of being loved. We can’t expect anyone to love us if we can’t even love ourselves. Knowing your self worth & that your lovable will open the door to love from others. You’ll be able to know when someone is treating you right. If you feel diminished by someone then that’s not the right person that should be in your life. I’ve had toxic relationships that left me all types of messed up. So now I know for the future what’s right for me. I’m not saying that just because you know what you want that you won’t ever get hurt again in a relationship because that’s false. There will always be people in your life that’s gonna let you down but you’ll know how to handle it this time. Life is hard, but your outlook on the things that happen to you will change everything. YOU CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE - YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE ! 👌🏻 

Number Four : 🙏🏼

“My forgiveness is incomplete if it does not include myself”…….

- You have to be able to forgive yourself if you messed up or failed at something. ITS OKAY. No one is Perfect. You have to forgive yourself for getting hurt by others - you think that because you let that person in your life and they hrut you,but that doesn’t make it your fault. You can’t blame yourself for other peoples actions. Putting up walls and not letting people in to avoid pain again is not forgiving yourself that’s holding a grudge. And Grudges never get you anywhere. It just makes you feel worse. I’m not a person to hold grudges towards other people and a lot of people in my life have done me wrong, and I didn’t want to forgive them, but life is too short to hold onto anger.... So I forgave and I’m at peace because of it but just because I forgave that person doesn’t mean I let them back into my life. So you don’t have to either. The forgiveness is for you not the other person. You have to SHOW people HOW TO TREAT YOU ! Your forgiveness is only for your soul to be at peace;  not theirs. You don’t owe them anything - don’t let what your friend or family member did to you 3 years ago consume your life forever; you forgive,but NEVER forget; you can be a little cautious next time to make sure it doesn’t happen again and just move on !!! 😎✋🏻

Number Five : 🦄

“I will continue to change and grow from a place of self-acceptance.” !

- We should be trying to grow into a better version of ourselves everyday. I know that’s what i strive for. But This is something we all need to be doing. You can’t expect someone to accept you if you don’t accept yourself first ! Once you love yourself unconditionally you’ll see yourself change. Your confidence will grow. You’ll see yourself in a different light. A better light. You won’t let others diminish your worth b/c you know your worth more. You’ll be happier. I promise. 💯

Number Six : 🙅🏻‍♀️

If there’s one thing you take from this it’s that’s “Other people’s perception of you ain’t none of your damn business”.!!!!!

- Forget what other people think of you. It just makes you feel less than. It discourages you. All you need to worry about is what you think of yourself…… that’s the only thing that matters.

I hope these here will help you.!!! Comment below which quotes are your favorite? I pray your Christmas 🎄 is joyful. I hope your New Years is celebratory. I know 2019 will be amazing.  


Comment your goals for next year - I wanna see what you guys are striving for !!! 🥰🥳👋🏻  


See you on my next post; Love ya ! 

Mo Ghrá Thú 💕🌟👊🏼 

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