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What I have To Say About The Florida Shooting/ Mass Shootings In General !!!

What I have To Say About The Florida Shooting/ Mass Shootings In General !!!

Dear Society,

The purpose of this post today is to raise awareness for gun violence and to address the exponential growth of violence in our society - The unfortunate High School Shooting in Florida Wednesday afternoon has pushed me to voice my opinion about it. If you haven’t heard or is unaware of the severity of the situation I’ll break it down for you. A 19 year old male named Nikolas Cruz a former student of Douglas High School (kicked out a few months ago because of erratic violent behavior at school) took an Uber to the School right before the class day was over. And Yes that’s right an Uber.


He got into the school by blending in as a student. I’m assuming there was no mental detectors or security sensing as he just walked right in with no problem. Once entered He came in contact with another student and told him that “You better get out of here, some crazy shit is about to go down” that student soon told the gym coach and sadly the Coach Aaron Feis later died saving the lives of many students by shielding them with his body.

The 19 year old Gunman pulled the fire alarm presumably to create chaos and shoot more victims. He went into the classrooms of his former students wildly shooting and killing 17 people mostly students in 10 minutes and injuring about 16 other people out of 3,000. It’s a huge school - Built like a college campus. He ditched the gun and got away by blending in once again..... But it wasn’t long before the authorities caught him. ALIVE.  Seeing as that he went to McDonald’s after the shooting probably made it easier to find him, because he was in plain site.

First thing people do is justify his actions and claim that he’s mentally ill or a terrorist. Turns out he has autism which explains things further since Autistic People have a huge emotional disconnect Setting him over the edge He never dealt with his adopted mom’s death in November. He went to McDonald’s to eat after killing 17 people and when he was arrested his face showed completely no emotion what so ever Not even anger. It was just a blank face. Like it was nothing there. They don’t interpret or deal with emotions like people without autism do. He had a fascination with guns and he was a troubled student which made all situations worse. His school expelled him with out even trying to get him help. He needed help. All of this probably could’ve been avoided if someone would’ve just had got him some help.  


Well Later, we all find out that he’s actually Mexican, so now this starts to just add more fuel to the ridiculous fire Donald Trump started about building a wall across the Mexican- American border to stop Mexicans from crossing and preventing these types of things from happening. He doesn’t want immigrants in his country, but actually he’s an immigrant himself; since this land belonged to the Native Americans first.... My ancestors. Not to mention that this country is built on immigrants & immigration. We wouldn’t be as powerful as we are now and have all these billions of people in America paying taxes for the government if they weren’t immigrants here too.

(Side Note Nikolas wasn’t an immigrant)        If Trump would look at the statics and comprehend what it reads it clearly shows that most of all these mass murder shootings have all be done by WHITE MALES. And done with AR 15 GUNS. - Military grade guns that shouldn’t even be in the possession of regular people. Out dated Guns laws is to blame. The 2nd amendment was created during a time in 1791 during the revolutionary war when they thought it was their right and civic duty to defend their home and state. Since we didn’t have a well functioning military at the time; this was the best option, so people created a well regulated militia being that it was necessary to secure the right for the People to be able to keep and bear arms. But TIMES HAVE DRASTICALLY CHANGED NOW. That law needs to be reformed. If we had Gun Control laws those guns wouldn’t have even made it to the streets. But most importantly if the NRA DIDN’T PAY OFF POLITICIANS TO PREVENT THE GUN CONTROL LAWS FROM BEING PASSED; the amount of mass shootings would be minimized by now.

If you don’t know: The NRA lobbies votes to protect the 2nd amendment which guarantees you the right to acquire, posses, collect, exhibit, carry and etc guns. They have directly lobbied for and against the legislation since 1975. From public record you see that the NRA has spent up to 3 Million dollars on lobbying each year; not to mention all the stuff we don’t know that their doing behind the scenes. They mostly contribute to republican politicians election campaigns because They are conservatives.... where the Moto is to Mostly benefit few. The rich few. 


The AR 15 Guns have been used in 8 mass school shootings and I don’t even want to know how many other mass shootings they have been involved in. AR 15’s have multiple rounds; they can shoot 45 rounds in one minute or less.

They are the most popular guns in the country And they are completely legal to own in the US.

Something needs to be done about this. Just with guns in general on average 7 Children and teens are getting shot and killed a day in the United States. There has been 18 school shootings this year in the US. It’s February of 2018. It’s been 18 school shootings within two months. Something has to be done. WE NEED LESS TALKING. AND MORE ACTION. Parents shouldn’t have to send their child to school and not have them return back home. In most cases kids use school as a refuge from home to get away from whatever their going through. Schools should.... actually. NEED to be safer. 

The AR 15 Gun

The AR 15 Gun

#EducateYourSelf     🔽🔽🔽

It really irritates me that when people “Hear Gun Control laws” they automatically think it means to take away all guns. 🙄 NOOOO. To control something is to instill order on the situation. For example: Birth control is to temporarily stop/ make it a little harder for you to get pregnant. It’s not meant to completely stop people from ever having kids, so why would you think that “Gun Control” means to stop you from ever having a gun.

————— Just like birth control makes it a little harder to have kids, but not impossible; Well, Gun Control laws is going to do the same thing. Just to make it harder to buy a gun, but not impossible !!!!! You’ll go through more screening to make sure your mentally fit to attain a gun.  Australia had it’s worst mass shooting ever in April on the 28th of 1996. Just 12 days later Australia announced a bipartisan deal on sweeping gun control measures. The Australian Government bought back and destroyed over 1 Million Guns. THEY HAVEN’T HAD ANY MASS SHOOTINGS SINCE. We need to be more like Australia. That’s why Australia is such a peaceful and non violent place. In the long run it’s there to help you; not hurt you.  #HumbleYourSelf

Trump wants to blame the minority’s for our societal problems, but that’s not always the case. This world needs help. It’s so much hatred in the atmosphere. Immigrants are not always the problem. Muslims aren’t always the terrorist. African Americans aren’t always the monsters or the most violent. And Whites/ Caucasians aren’t always the most innocent. Not saying that, that’s how everybody thinks, but that’s how Trump and the White supremacist think. While Trump is in office he can make a lot of un fair decisions specifically to make it harder on minority’s and immigrants that don’t really make sense but they do correlate with his biased views. People soon started to play the race card that if Nikolas (The Shooter)  had of been Black he would have been shot dead on sight. And sadly it’s true. 

As a 19 year old young American Woman I’m really tired of fearing for my life every time I leave the house. I have to deal with the everyday violence in Chicago killing my friends and family. Wondering & Worrying that if I go to a concert or to a huge mall or to church or get on a plane or even ride on public transportation if or when someone is going to start shooting or a terrorist attack happens. No one should have to live life like that. Most of the mass shooting victims are young teens, young adults and children. It’s not safe for anyone.... No where. Anymore!

Drastic Change and Action needs to be taken. Even though it’s not enough, but All my thoughts and prayers are with the students, all the victims and their friends and family.

RIP ❤️ May all your souls Rest In Peace.

Here below is a list of all the victims; who’s deaths could’ve been avoided.

  1. Alyssa Alhadeff

  2. Scott Beigel

  3. Martin Duque Anguiano

  4. Nicholas Dworet

  5. Aaron Feis

  6. Jaime Guttenberg

  7. Chris Hixon

  8. Luke Hoyer

  9. Cara Loughran

  10. Gina Montalto

  11. Joaquin Oliver

  12. Alaina Petty

  13. Meadow Pollack

  14. Helena Ramsay

  15. Alex Schachter

  16. Carmen Schentrump

  17. Peter Wang

If you are experiencing emotional distress or suicidal thoughts, text 741741 to the crisis text line. There is a trained professional waiting to help you. :) 

How your supposed to evacuate out of a building when there’s an active shooting, so the police know if your dangerous or not.

How your supposed to evacuate out of a building when there’s an active shooting, so the police know if your dangerous or not.


I do not own rights to these 6 photos above this comment. I obtained those photos from various of news outlets.  🆘


- Shakira Marie :) 🔚 🌐

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