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7 Ways to be a better you #LifeHacks

7 Ways to be a better you #LifeHacks

Greetings all, It’s Shakira here !!! Its March 12th (A few weeks away from my birthday) !!! WELCOME to my blog. I don’t know when you’ll be reading this, but here you go. It’s been two weeks since I last posted. Lol. I know you guys missed me.

Today I’m going to share some life changing information. It’s something I learned about over the summer and have deeply started to live by. It’s not a religion. Or a superstition. It’s more like a frame of mind. Something that will help you BETTER UNDERSTAND LIFE..... And I think we could all use a little bit of that.

It’s called Life Cycles. 7 different Periods In your life that shape you as a person. It’s a continuous loop that happens every year; ending the day before your birthday and restarting on your birthday. Below is a list of what happens in each cycle.


Life cycles: 😝🙏🏼🎉🚧

  1. Opportunities/Renewing Friendships/Rebuilding

  2. Short journeys / changes

  3. Good judgement / inflow of energy

  4. You’ll be Stimulated mentally and spiritually

  5. Success in personal & Private affairs / Sharper mind/Being More creative

  6. You’ll get Rest/And Have Relaxation/Amusement/You’ll become more Cultivating

  7. Feelings of Distress / Discouragement/Foolish acts/things start to fall apart for something better.

When I learned about this I thought it was crazy. But I was also intrigued and interested in learning more. So I went up and counted my 52 day periods to go along with the cycles. After that I started to realized how real this may be. It makes sense. I started to think back on difficult periods in my life or periods where I went through a lot of change - Good or Bad and I would notice the little details of certain aspects that happened in my life during these specific cycles; matched up with what happens during these specific cycles. Right now I’m experiencing my cycle 7, because my birthday is in a couple of weeks. It’s not as bad as past cycles 7’s. But I still have a couple more weeks to go; I do feel a little discouraged with different things and I’ve been feeling a little cautious towards people. Like in the sense questioning if they are really my true friends or if their actually good people. I’m tired of bad vibes following me around. I’m cutting off people that are bringing me down and holding me back. COUGH COUGH.... IN CYLCE 7.... YOU CUT DEAD WEIGHT OFF.

I don’t concern myself with fake people anymore. I just pray that’ll I learn the truth about them one day. 🙏🏼 

You can use these cycles to better understand and maneuver through life as you face many obstacles.




First you start on your birthday - Your Birth date being number 1 and count the days until you reach the number 52. The date you landed on will be the end of your first cycle and so on and so forth. That same day will be the start of your next cycle.

So for example my birthday is March 28th so 52 days later will be May 19th, 2018 - (That’s  the end of my FIRST cycle) My 2nd cycle will start on May 19th, 2018. And I’ll keeping counting again until I reach 52 days; Which is on July 10th and that’ll end my SECOND cycle; and continue that so on and so forth  

You keep doing that until you’ve counted 52 days for each 7 cycles. When you’ve made it back to the day BEFORE OR ON your birthday in the next year; you’ll know you did it right.


52 days - 7 cycles / Starts on birthday ! Ends 52 days later and then the next cycle begins.


March 28th - May 19th ,2018

May 19th - July 10th ,2018

July 10th - August 31th ,2018

August 31st - October 22st ,2018

October 22nd - December 13th ,2018

December 13th - February 3rd ,2019

February 3rd - March 27th ,2019


It’s ok if your count of 52 days stop on the day before your birthday like it did for mine. Cycle one will always repeat on your BIRTHDATE !!!


***But if your 52 day count was a couple days or more before your birthday; then your calculations are wrong and you need to go back and check them again.


Now go calculate for yourself. I hope you learned something. Hey Idk Maybe you’ll use this for everyday life now. Maybe you’ll be too lazy and won’t count your own cycles. Maybe you’ll think this is stupid or boring. But I know most of you are already on google now; Googling if life cycles actually exists. And if your anything like me you’ll be highly Intrigued by this and demand to know more; I had so much more peace of mind after learning about this. ✌🏻


I encourage you to do your own research on this. - To learn more. There’s even a book named The Mystical Masters by Joseph Reed !!!!


Discovering Life Cycles is basically discovering the ultimate LIFE HACK and that’s something I know I’m passionate about it.


There’s also a video on my YouTube channel explaining things a little more and sharing some of my cycle stories.

The Key to Success on Wisdom Wednesday :)


⁃The video above is a couple months old. But I might make a more updated video about this again one day. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Please be sure to like and comment below. Love ya ♥️ 

XOXO, Shakira :)  

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