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How My First Music Festival Changed My Life

How My First Music Festival Changed My Life

Wassup my blogger fam. Here's another entry of..... Well, My life.

My first music festival I honestly beleive changed my life. I'm more outgoing. I was always adventrous, but ever since the summer of 2017 -I've been longing for more adventure. I went a few places this past summer and had so much fun. I found myself and kinda figured out what I want to do with my life. I'm Happier. I feel free-er. I feel like I'm more myself. People always told me that festivals change you. It just does something to your soul. I highly incourage you to go to at least once music festival. You can go alone or with friends - Just know that they'll both be amazing. :)  


I love music festivals. My first #MusicFestival was in June e 2017 and I went to #SAMF which is short for The Spring Awakening Music Festival. 

It’s an EDM festival. And it’s amazing to be at. 

At the SAMF I met so many amazing people. I feel like at Music festivals people are so nice. It’s a place where you can have fun with strangers just because everyone is so hyped up and enjoying themselves. 

Tickets and food are expensive but when I went I didn’t even eat till I got home at Midnight after I’d been there since the doors opened at 11Am. 🚨💖🤭🔥💯😝😝💙


That was my write band. PS. GA = General Admissions. Which is better Because you can interact with everyone. ❤️😭🔥💯💕 


This is LOUIS THE CHILD performing- They are so amazing live. 

IMG_5491 (1).JPG

I’m somewhere in the crowd of people shouting, Jumping and waving on the right side. 


1523588044 (1).jpg

Galantis is performing during this photo. I love them and I’ve seen them live twice. Their music is amazing. I dance every time I hear it. 😂💯 

As most of you know it’s #Rave season. 

And #Coachella started a couple weeks ago and ended last weekend !!! 🔥😝💯 Ugggg I so wish I could go. And StageCoach is this weekend. With Lollapalooza and 2018 Spring Awakening in the coming months.

I’ve never even been to California but I’m planning on moving there in a few months for college. Which might not even work out 😭😭😭.  I just gotta get everything in order. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼   

Below is a video i made on youtube. Of my experience. Better versions are soon to come. 

XOXO, Shakira :) 

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