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How to Stay MOTIVATED and Keep POSITIVE ! 🔑 (Tips To Success) 🎬🖤☺️

How to Stay MOTIVATED and Keep POSITIVE ! 🔑 (Tips To Success) 🎬🖤☺️


Hello blog readers ! How’s life ? Hope all is well ! I missed you guys ! 

Here are some tips to help you succeed in life and your passions. ❤️🖤💔💗

🚨 The one question everyone has but no one has the answer too is How to stay Motivated and positive. 🙏🏼 

“When Life gives you a hundred reasons to cry; show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile”. 😊💖🤭

I don’t have all the answers either, but here are some things I’ve learned over the years.



💛 Tip 1: FIND something that your PASSIONATE about and LOVE it dearly !!!

⁃ I say that because you have to make sure your adamant about what you want to do. You have to work towards it everyday; even if it’s just a little step. Another day you waste by being lazy is another day further away from your dream.

When I say “Find something that your passionate about” I want it to be something you want to do. Not something your parents want you to do. So if you wanna be a writer - Write poems and short stories in your notebook. Download the Wattpad app or login in on your computer and write a book. A book about anything - Read some stories on the Wattpad to give you some inspiration. Join spoken word at your school or find a coffee shop or small lounge that has open mic where you can recite your stuff.


If you wanna be a model - Take pictures of you in your outfits. Find a nice background and get someone like a friend to take pictures of you. You can have on makeup and sometimes just be you without it. You don’t need a professional camera to take great photos. One of my best friends wants to be a photographer and she takes amazing photos on her iPhone 8.


Another important thing is to brand yourself as something you want to be. If that’s a model - Post your photos on Instagram. Tag the stores where you bought them from - In a hashtag and with an @.

That will help you get noticed. And when you build up your following; brands will see that and get in touch with you to either offer you free stuff or pay you to promote them. And what I do is I reach out to modeling agencies and brands - To promote things and trying to get signed. You can DM them on instagram; just make sure you sound professional. (It really all depends on how big your following is and how much traffic you can bring them).

🧡 Tip 2: (This is the most important one)


⁃This is something I’m very guilty of; is comparing myself and my accomplishments with other successful people or people that are almost where they wanna be or better off than me.

I want to be an actress, Director and writer.

I see how people my age or younger than me are acting in movies or successful tv shows and I get discouraged because I think I’ve tried so hard and I still haven’t made it.

I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I wonder if I’m the problem.

You will never get anywhere always thinking about what everyone else is doing and how further to their goal they are than you. You will constantly judge yourself and get discouraged.

It’s ok that you took longer than others. Not everyone walks the same paths as you or experiences the same obstacles as you. - So it makes sense that you’ll arrive at your goal at different times. - You won’t be late because you didn’t start at the same place or at the same time. (Please remember that)

💚 Tip 3: Try to Find someone who has the same interests or goal as you.

⁃I know it’s not always possible to do that but trust me when you do; it will make you feel more motivated.... Because you have someone that is just as passionate as you.

⁃You will have someone that understands what it’s like. How hard it is. - And that’s always good to feel like your not alone.

It also means you guys can help each other out.


⁃One of the things that will really trip you up is going half way on whatever it is that you are doing.

⁃I know it’s hard to stay or get inspired but try to think about the big picture. Why your doing what you want to do. Where you want to be as an ultimate goal.

You have to make sure you put in all or nothing.  I know it’s hard work to keep going; especially when your trying hard and it’s not paying off as fast as you thought it would or should.

So if your aspiring to be a model - Post nice pictures everyday or every other day. And interact with your audience, that’s how you’ll keep them.

If your aspiring to be a famous Youtuber - You need to be posting a video every week or more if you have the time.   

When I was trying out YouTube I was trying to post every week, and then it went to posting every two weeks, to once a month, to currently not at all. I’m supper busy with school and editing is soooo time consuming - so if your feeling like me; just know that your not the only one struggling.

YOU GAIN A BIGGER AUDIENCE WHEN YOUR CONSISTENT ! They see you posting more and engaging with them they become interested and intrigued that you post frequently because it shows that your serious and that makes them follow and or subscribe to you.

Goes the same for photographers like I said above for models. Post your pictures frequently and interact with your followers. Engage with them by asking questions in your post when your captioning it, Like others comments under your post, or reply to comments with thank you’s or what ever else floats your boat 🚣‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️.



⁃The worst thing you can do is be apart of something your not happy with doing. Don’t rush into things. Life is short, you shouldn’t have to spend it unhappy and lonely.

If your not happy with your profession/Job - Quit and go find something your passionate about and support it. Work towards it. And never let it go. Now I know you need a job to pay the bills because auditioning for roles in movies don’t pay the bill until you actually get a contract. But if your working a longtime job like at a law firm or your trying to get a PHD when you actually wanna go play professional basketball- Well don’t let nothing stop you.


Those are just 5 of my best tips. I hope they helped. 😝☺️🙏🏼💖✊🏼❤️💯

Comment down below if you’ve done any of the things on the list or if this helped you. ✌🏻


XOXO, Shakira 🔥


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