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WHAT does a college degree mean to you ???

WHAT does a college degree mean to you ???

LIKE MOST OF YOU I hated school. I spent 4 years in what me & my friends liked to call jail. - Graduating was like getting exonerated; we counted down the days while doing our time getting extra hours added on AKA detention. I can think of some fun times I had in high school; some amazing friends I’ve made and some crazy things I’ve learned! But for the most part School was just not for me. I used to dread waking up early in the morning to go to school. I couldn’t wait till the bell rang. And I would have to continue this cycle every day for 5 times a week, 4 weeks a month and 9 months a year. I don’t know who came up with the school schedule but it was a load of crap. SCHOOL was physically and mentally draining for me. Yea I got good grades but I had to work my ass off for them. I failed here and there; their was no doubt about it that it was a struggle. I have friends that had it worse than me. You have your school counselors and principals that just care about the money - they see you late for school or skipping classes and they serve you with a detention or a call home to get you in trouble instead of asking why you were late or skipped in the first place. Because all you are to them is a money sign. High schools just teach you basic academics; they don’t teach you the things you really need to know like marketing, money management, how to be an entrepreneur or that becoming a doctor or lawyer isn’t your only option. Once you leave HS you think everything will be different that all your questions will get answered, but I’m here to tell you that’s not the case; if anything i feel even more lost than I was before.


SCHOOLS AND PARENTS need to stop telling their children that if you don’t get a college education you’ll never amount to anything. Steve jobs - Elon Musk - and Bill Gates didn’t even finish college and they are multi billionaires with huge companies. Half of these millionaires & billionaires didn’t even go to college! Unless your trying to be something in politics or become a lawyer or a doctor or something in physc you don’t really need to go to college and get a degree. 


 Colleges are asking for a whole lot of money just to give us a piece of paper at the end of our 4 to 8 years or even more of schooling. 🙄🤔  

YOUR SIGNING  yourself on to over 100,000 of debt if you choose to further your education. Which most kids don’t even fully understand yet. We are taught to think that are degrees will get us jobs which will help us pay off our debt. But no one is guaranteeing you a job or that you’ll make a bunch of money. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH YOUR LIFE! But for the ones that are having a hard time figuring that out shouldn’t be forced to go to college for something they could care less about especially when they are spending thousands of dollars of their own money on it. I’m not saying college should be free but it damn sure shouldn’t be over 50,000 dollars a year. It should be different cost depending on the degree you want too.  Colleges should start giving courses on entrepreneurship. They actually should start this stuff in highschool. So when you graduate HS you can have somewhat of a game plan. The colleges don’t care if you fail or succeed.... well some of them do. I’m certain their are some educational institutions that do care about you, but most just want that tuition money and they don’t care how you get but that it’s paid in time. 


I'M GOING to college for Acting and creative writing. But my tuition is 46,000 dollars a year which is 26,000 a semester and I only got 14,000 dollars in financial aid per semester(2). So I have to come up with the rest; not including my housing(dorm), my meal plan, or college supplies, I need to buy books and I need enough money to live life also. 

They said i have the max amount of financial aid, because i did try to get more. I’ve tried taking out loans but I’m 19 so I have no credit rate yet, so I need a co-signer but the co-signer that I choose doesn’t have a perfect credit score so they deni me, and even though my list is slim to none to ask for help I would never in a million years ask anyone else to be my co-signer. That’s too much to ask for and too much pressure and responsibility I’ll have to deal with.  This process is just so irritating  - it’s like the government doesn’t want us to go to college.  


THERE are are so many ways to get successful without a degree.... I’m trying all my options everyday. But honestly it really all comes down to WHAT’S A DEGREE WORTH TO YOU?  

  • Is it worth falling into debt ?

  • is it worth being under constant increased pressure ?

  • Is it something that you want or is it something that's been forced upon you?

  • Is it worth doing 4 plus years of extra schooling for a possible Career that you could possibly get without college.

  • Is it worth going to school for something you may not even be interested in.

  • Is it worth missing out on other aspects of your life.

  • Do you really want to sit around and learn or do you wanna get out and DO.

  • Are you using college as an escape or do you actually want to be there?

  • Is school just not for you ?

  • Do you need a gap year ?

  • What are your goals ?

  • What are you trying to accomplish in college and once you get out ?

  • Once you graduate college; THEN WHAT ?


These are all important questions we should ask ourselves. Now I’m not trying to discourage you if college really is the dream and it where you wanna be. This blog post is for all the people like me who are questioning the whole college plan, wondering if “this is really that path for me” , trying to figure what we actually want. 


So many people go to college just to drop out. They have just wasted thousands of dollars. But at least you tried. Now you need a new plan. What’s that plan going to be. How are you going to execute it. Where do you want it to lead you. The time is now. Figuring out what we want before it’s too late. Think about is it really worth it. Figuring out what a college degree means for you; could change your life!!! 📚🎓👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍💻🤷🏻‍♀️ 


Xoxo, Shakira  



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Graduating HS w/ 4 years of hardships ! 🎓🔓

Graduating HS w/ 4 years of hardships ! 🎓🔓