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BIGGGGG BROTHERRRRR - who do I think should win/best game play this season!!!

BIGGGGG BROTHERRRRR - who do I think should win/best game play this season!!!

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I’ve been watching Big Brother since I was a little girl. I’m kind of a BB SuperFAN, But honestly I think BB20 has been the best season so far. I’m also a huge Julie Chen fan ! Hope she reads this 💗👋🏻👑. In honor of the #DoubleEviction yesterday I’m gonna talk about who might actually have a chance at wining and who had the best game strategy this season.

L6 FAN !!! Comment below if you are too ☺️ 

I don’t just love Angela & Tyler because of their #Showmance ,but because they actually are playing a great game. They both aligned themselves with strong players on one side of the house and created an Alliance ..... got the floaters in the middle (Sam & JC) to trust them enough where they wouldn’t target them until absolutely necessary. And still kept cool enough with the people on the other side too.

Tyler has like 100 F2 deals practically carrying him through this game because no one is gonna target the person they have a final two deal with when their HOH. And he was smart about it too: Sam is the wild card so assuring his safety in the beginning was great game play. Having JC in f2 gets him information on the other side to help him & L6 stay 3 steps ahead. And the other F2 deals were just people who he thought he could beat in the end. But it’s only day 86 & 5 players left, so I don’t know if he’s gonna win yet but he’s definitely got the best game play / strategy in all of BB History.

He has been nothing but loyal to L6; he never faltered or fraternized game play with the other side of the house. He basically gave L6 their wining streaks. He has won 3 HOH’s & basically more than half of the vetos. He constantly saves people on the block which puts him in their good graces not to mention constantly making it impossible for him to become a replacement nominee AKA Backdoor option.

On a personal level I actually think Tyler is a great person; he was never mean to anybody in the house(even though Bay might not think so) 😂😂 he stayed loyal to everyone he had deals with. And even though JC might not think the #Tangela showmance is a good idea because he’s so jealous. I love it. 😍😝✊🏼 They are so cute together and they hold each other up and mad support each other. The show doesn’t really go to much into detail with their growing relationship but on the live feeds they try to spend all their time together and Tyler always makes her feel better and shows her so much affection. I really hope they can make it together in the real world. I would love to see them on the amazing race together “hint” “hint” CBS!!!!

Angela also brings a lot to the game/ alliance she has 3 HOH’s on her belt & a few veto comps too. I don’t think she has made any final 2 deals this whole season - which left her open to put anyone but L6 members on the block. She’s actually got the most blood on her hands b/c of it and in this game it unfortunately is gonna be her downfall. 💔 But at least she’ll be leaving the BB house with a new boyfriend (hopefully). 🙏🏼💍 I honestly believe she could make it to top 2 but whoever she’s up against will win, because almost everyone in jury house hates her. She had a great gameplay but the jury this year is mad bitter and they won’t vote for her. Tyler or KC are who I think will win. Hopefully it’s TYLER!!!! But if he’s up against KC he might not because she has gotten the least amount of blood on her hands and she was good with literally everyone in the house. Except Blockstar... 😬 I mean rockstar. 🤷🏻‍♀️


KC has a fighting chance because of the lack of blood on her hands. Her extreme loyalties to her alliance members & her comp wins. I’M so happy the lil peanut 🥜 got her first HOH win; it came with perfect timing. And her 3 in a row Veto wins were great too. She was able to steer the last 3 weeks of the game in the direction she wanted it to go. I really hope KC, Tyler & Angela can stay best friends outside the house like they were all season- the way their energies bounce off each other is great. They make such a great team. I even hope they stay friends with Brett and the rest of the evicted L6 members. But Rachel honesty might be bitter. 🙄 but w.e !!!

I’m not even going to go into Brett’s demise. He shot his own self in the foot when he started plotting against his alliance members with JC. Brett wouldn’t have won the game because jury hates him too, but he would’ve at least made it too final 4 or something. 🤦🏻‍♀️  JC probably is going to jury next with Angela has the new HOH, but I’m so worried he’s going to try to flip votes and manipulate the people in the jury house hopefully they will be smarter than that and just ignore him. JC doesn’t deserve to win he has literally floated his way to top 5. He had never been on the block before double eviction night and that was 85 days into the game. He has never won a single comp. He was never HOH. He was never a VETO winner. He didn’t win power apps or the hacker comp. He brought nothing to the table but flipped votes to stir up trouble, lies, manipulation, jealousy and bogus F2 deals. He thinks he was the one running the game but I can’t wait till he watches it back and sees that L6 was the ones handling the whole game behind the scenes the whole season. Jury doesn’t trust him so I don’t think they would’ve voted for him because even though it’s Big Brother he created to much of a toxic environment. JC tricked too many ppl and ppl don’t like that.

Rockstar has to much jealousy and hatred towards people. She should be the last one judging somebody.

Bay thinks she’s the Queen B 👑 news flash your not. Your crazy asl. And you think that everyone is below you in life. All I got to say is remember “The Pride Before The Fall”...✌🏻

Zingbot hit the nail on the head when it came down to Fessy so I don’t have to talk about his game play. 🤦🏻‍♀️ IT WAS A DISASTER.

SAM is kinda crazy but she can be a momma bear of sorts when she wants to be and that makes up for it until she decides to go off the hinges and spazz out on everyone. I used to be a fan of Sam. But now not so much. The live feeds really show how she treats people and she’s kinda unfair. She has literally spazzed out on everyone in the house. She should be lucky and grateful that she has made it this far. Her split personality says she wants to go home but then 10 minutes later she wants to stay. Like HUH 🤔    Sam has brought nothing to the game. She only won HOH once and that was in the beginning of the game. She purposely throws all the comps and then pouts when she’s in one of her moods or when she doesn’t get her way or feel safe. She has been the biggest baby this season. It’s so irritating.

But W.e #BBTyler for the win !!! He has the best game play. Not to mention he’s my favorite this season.

I hope Tyler can get AFP, but I’ll be happy if KC ends up getting it instead. ❤️ Even Scottie would’ve been a good AFP 😂

I started a Twitter Poll asking “Who do you want to win Big Brother 20” to the BB Twitter Verse !!! And Tyler & KC are in the lead. Tied for now but by the time your reading this it probably won’t be.

Join the fun 🎉

VOTE HERE:🗳  https://twitter.com/itsshakiramarie/status/1040681267338113024?s=21 

I’ll be back to talk about the winner !!!!

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XOXO From, The BB super fan....Shakira Marie


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