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Dr.Christine Ford Versus Judge Brett Kavanaugh ! Who do you believe ?

Dr.Christine Ford Versus Judge Brett Kavanaugh ! Who do you believe ?


Nine Hours were spent by americans watching this Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing. But For at least two of those hours I was fast asleep because i’m not a morning person. I woke up around 11:00 AM ; eyes barely open (I sleep with the tv on all night… It;s a weird habit) and I could hear some loud voices coming from the chairmen arguing with someone who was questioning Dr.Ford - which caught my attention, woke me up and I literally continued to watch the rest until it ended at 6:00 PM Central time.

Christine Ford gave a good testimony sharing her story and keeping herself together putting up a strong front which shows how strong she was during the hearing. She is giving as much evidence and recollection of events to the best of her ability.

I thought I was watching a political hearing but all I see is Dr Ford being put on trail. The victim is being accused like she did something wrong. Ok she can’t remember all the details. It was over 20 years ago. Her brain more than likely blocked out some things because it was such a traumatic ordeal. She was scared & panicking. Just because you don’t remember what time it was and what month it was over 20 years ago doesn’t make you a non credible source.

Men have a trend of calling women hysterical, so i’m happy she kept her cool. Not giving them the satifaction of grouping her into the hysteria ages.

I still hate how they like to accuse the victims and treat them like they are in the wrong or a burden. It really infuriates me. This is why people don’t come forward because they don’t feel safe or respected.


I highly respect the senators that are treating her like a human being and pointing out her bravery. She has literally sacrificed everything to stand up for herself. She had to hire herself, her kids and her husband security guards because she and her family have been getting death threats. She’s had to move from her home, not to mention the unknown things to the public that she’s dealing with. She’s lost so much because of this. Because of Kavanaugh. It’s just not fair.

Brett Kavanaugh claims he’s suffered because of this. BOY PLEASE.  If anything it’s your wife and kids that’s suffering the consequences of your hideous actions.

Brett has also been so belligerent throughout his whole testimony. He is beating around the bush and never answering the question with a straight answer. Senators ask him yes or no questions and he responds with a unrelated answer. He never logically answers the questions either.

Just like his interview with fox news he talked about how he was a virgin all through highschool and college. Ford never said she was raped by Brett she said she was groped and assaulted by him. There’s a difference. You don’t need to have sexual intercourse experience to assault a woman. Which means his interview is irrelevant. It was made to make him seem innocent and credible, but the simple fact that he was drunk all the time shows that he may not remember everything that he did. It’s unknown weather he’s telling the truth about getting blackout drunk because he won’t get a polygraph done.


Most people who have something to hide because they are lying about something act defensive and they constantly repeat the same thing over and over again like they are trying to prove something.

- He has been so disrespectful to the senators especially Richard Dick Durbin and Senator Klobuchar - she Asked him if he ever drank to the point of blacking out?

Brett Kavanaugh says no and in turn asked Sen. Klobuchar, "Have you?"

With a pissed off look on her face and a smirk she says "Could you answer the question, judge? So, that's not what happened, is that your answer?"

And he responded

"Yeah, and I'm curious if you have."

Ummm - why did the chairman not step in at that point and say something.

That is just one of many examples of how disrespectful he is to women. How he responded to her was so uncalled for.

She’s a good one because I would’ve told him off and said that “that was uncalled for and not to be disrespectful to me”.


Senator Durbin - Said to Brett “if there’s no truth to her charges, the FBI investigation will show that. Are you afraid that they might not”

Of course he is. That’s clear.

Brett’s response was that “The FBI doesn’t come to conclusions”.

It’s the FBI’s job to come up with conclusions for how things happened or why people did what they did. It’s their jobs.

Brett doesn’t deserve to get voted in as Supreme Court judge; Trump should withdraw his nomination, But trump has too much pride to withdraw his nomination for Brett. Plus he doesn’t care that Brett is a sleeseball, because he has no morals or integrity either.


Brett may have not raped her but that’s because he never got the chance to b/c she was able to escape before it happened.  But it is possibly clear that he sexually assaulted her and a few others too. More women are coming forward with different assault stories. And even if he didn’t do anything to her (ford) physically, Just him being in the room while his friends assaulted her should be a good enough reason to not vote him in. He’s a coward. He’s a perv. He’s an asshole. And we have enough assholes running this country. We DON”T need anymore. We have enough pervs getting away with their crimes. We DON”T need that anymore. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


We need a FBI investigation to bring us a better form of explicit credible evidence on both parties. Like Dr.Ford had nothing to hide so she took a poly graph test to prove if she was telling the truth or not. And it came back clear; the events in which she said happened to her came through as truthful. But mister Brett here doesn’t want an FBI investigation. Well why not ? Maybe because they will find that he is lying. Brett is scared of the investigation for a reason. Every time he is asked if there should be one he Yells out I’m INNOCENT!🤔 like a crazy person. That shouldn’t have been the answer to that question. He’s being belligerent to all the democratic senators especially the women, talking with a highly raised voice for no reason shows off his egotistical basically mean demeanor, he’s filibustering the whole testimony, trying to victimize himself and talk about his kids to get people to feel bad for him, and showing all these fake emotions... it’s just really hard to see any innocence in that. If he’s innocent why is he so defensive and combative. He roars like a lion when a democrat cross examines him. But answers with respect to the republicans. I’m pretty sure Donald trump is going to do a press conference on this congratulating him on his hearing- it’s like these guys need trumps approval. Trumps word don’t mean nothing….

Senator Corey Booker saw what Brett was doing during his whole testimony. When it was his turn to talk/ ask questions he didn’t waste no time. He didn’t let Brett over talk him or cut him off or BS his way around the question. He was direct which is perfect when dealing with small minded republicans. Not saying that all republicans are small minded but all the republic senators I saw today were.

Brett had all his republican friends supporting him and ganging up and bullying the other side. Even the chairmen was in on it. Ummm, Checks and balances people. There should’ve been a mediator - someone who could be unbiased. It’s only fair that their be some type of middle ground to these hearings.


I heard a lot of senators ask Dr.Ford what she thought about the saying “Boys will be Boys” used in her case. But I think it IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT ! BOYS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE & AND HELD AT HIGHER STANDARDS. Who decided that boys are allowed to treat women like trash & get away with it because they are men. Like are you fucking kidding me.🙄🤬🖕🏻WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT.

But In good news: The world news reported that the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) saw a 147% above normal volume of calls today. 9 hours of this hearing I hope the senators choose to delay the vote. An investigation needs to be done.

Use hashtag #KavanaughHearings and #DrChristineBlaseyFord to express your opinion.

Here below are some of the tweets I found to be hard hitters.

(Tweets were provided by twitter; they were not tempered with and they are not mean to insinuate anything)

In my opinion The response to this first tweet is how you handle indiodicy. Props to @LeftDJT you put him in his place.


Thanks for reading this little dive into my open minded political part of my mind. I have tons of debates and lots to say but you’d be where ever you are for hours reading this if I had kept writing my opinions and talking about the facts of this hearing.

Leave your opinions in the comments! Who do you believe ? Who do you support ?

XOXO, Shakira Marie

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